The 5ML West Coast Alchemy Jars are available in 9 strains, they are Milk Bone, Citrus Sunrise, Terpee Slurpee, Water Melon Mints, Chem Crasher, Grease Bucket, Peach Bellini, Affogato. The strains will be shipped randomly. However, for larger quantity orders, customers can specify the strains they would like to receive.

Introducing the West Coast Alchemy Jar – a premium storage solution for your concentrates. Made with high-quality food-grade glass, this jar is available in a sleek mystery black color, and boasts a capacity of 5ml, which is perfect for storing up to 2 grams of live rosin.

The West Coast Alchemy Jar features a child-resistant lid design, which provides added security and peace of mind, ensuring that your concentrate is safe from children.

With 9 different strains available, the West Coast Alchemy Jar offers a wide range of options to choose from. The strain labels are already pasted on the jar, making it easy for you to identify and select the strain you want.

Buy the West Coast Alchemy Jar in bulk from our online wholesale website and enjoy fast and reliable delivery right to your doorstep within just a few business days. With its premium quality and design, the West Coast Alchemy Jar is a must-have for any serious concentrate enthusiast. Order yours today!

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