Candied Grapes Rosin


Candied Grapes Rosin

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Candied Grapes Rosin

Candied Grapes Rosin. Do not let the Grape Candy name fool you; this is a deceivingly citrusy lemon palette with a berry finish. Enjoy the mildly sedating effects of this Indica leaning Hybrid, but do not worry!

Grape Candy Cream is an excellent all day strain that will keep you giggly and euphoric but also relaxed and cruising! Enjoy my friends! Rosin is a full spectrum, cannabis concentrate made from flower or hash. Punch Extracts solely produces Live Rosin; a higher grade of rosin.

Live Rosin is produced by processing fresh frozen flower into hash, which is then pressed through a fine mesh to remove impurities.

The reasoning behind using fresh frozen flower instead of cured flower is in preserving as much of the terpenes as possible, many of which boil off at room temperature. All of this culminates in a high potency, smell and flavor-rich, solvent-free concentrate. 1g.

The plant matter is frozen immediately after harvest and before it’s processed. Freezing it keeps the terpenes and cannabinoids from breaking down, so live resin is known for having fresh flavors. However, it’s also prone to having a chemical aftertaste because of the solvents.

Candied Grapes Rosin

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This is known as the full-melt bubble hash method, and it produces crumbly, safe THC concentrates with high purity. That’s why it’s so popular with many smokers.

Still, live rosin goes even further. “Live” basically means that the cannabis used to make an extract was never dried and cured. It was frozen right after harvesting, so the flavor and scent profiles of the resulting rosin are as fresh as possible.

The drying process inevitably degrades the terpenes and cannabinoids in weed, so live rosin will always have fresher flavors than regular rosin. That’s why live rosin is one of the most coveted cannabis concentrates available on the retail market.

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