cbx cereal milk


cbx cereal milk

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cbx cereal milk

cbx cereal milk. Bred by Limited Trees Genetics, Cannabiotix’s Cereal Milk is an offspring of two of our award winning strains, Strawberry Lemonade and Thicc Mint Cookies.

Cannabiotix (CBX) is everything that cannabis should be in the state of California. Sure, it’s expensive, but which Californian isn’t used to paying a premium for anything good? In our experience, Cannabiotix Cereal Milk is one of the best THC flowers currently available in California. Offered on Eaze, it’s simple to get your hands on an eighth of this bud if you’ve got the cash.

This unique strain produces chunky, light green buds, that are caked out in crystals from its cookies parentage, and draped in resin to the point of putting any joint roller into a sticky situation.

True to its name, the flavor profile on this unique flower resembles that of the milk left over after eating a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries. Perfect anytime of day smoke, this hybrid checks all the boxes!

cbx cereal milk
cbx cereal milk

Cereal Milk is a fantastic hybrid strain that combines mellow tones and an energizing, creative edge. It has about 23% THC, making it a potent but not overpowering cannabis that is known to relieve pain, nausea, tension, and anxiety.

Cereal Milk is a versatile strain that tends to provide a long-lasting head high. The cerebral stimulation comes on hard and fast, potentially leaving you happy, mellow, and alert at the same time, and for hours on end.

Strains Related To CBX

Cereal Milk comes from the same family as strains like Gary Payton and Y Snowman. Like the rest of its relatives, this cultivar is high in THC . Cereal Milk’s buds are a blend of green shades with purple accents, orange hairs, and when grown properly, a thick creamy coat of frosty trichomes.


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