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GOLD COAST CLEAR. Coast clear is a premium e-juice maker based in California. We bring the best vape juice flavors to you in convenient and affordable vape cartridges. Gold coast clear disposables uses only the best ingredients including USA-made ingredients resulting in vape juices that are both tasty and highly satisfying.

All of our products, including Gold Coast clear e-juice and Gold Coast clear wax, are made using propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Try the very best chocolate bars by polkadot chocolate to experience magic of mushroom bars.

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GOLD COAST CLEAR. The biggest thing you’ll find out about Gold Coast Clear (often abbreviated GCC) vape cartridges online is that there’s a ton of people asking about them, and nobody has an answer.

This brand lacks its own website or any substantial social media presence, so we might conclude that it’s a completely unregulated brand that’s just packaging. Let’s explore the legend of the Gold Coast Ghost.

Synthetic cannabinoids are a problem we hear going around a lot more often on the fake cart beat. These are chemical compounds which have nothing to do with actual cannabis, and are dangerous in other ways. Some of them are engineered to be physically addicting! Also:


So far, we have scattered clues as to Gold Coast Clear carts’ point of origin. On the packaging we see a bear lifted from the California state flag:

It also claims “distilled in California.” California is also nicknamed the “Golden State,” so this obviously suggests an original point along the coast of California. However, given that 99% of boof carts tie themselves to Cali, that’s no more conclusive than “Hawaiian Punch.”

Then we have the interesting case of a rare YouTube “review,” in which the Gold Coast Clear cart packages are laid out on a napkin for the fast food franchise “Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.” Not much to go on, as the franchise is spread across the US from Cali to the Midwest, but favors the southern US, having originated in Louisiana.

The brand “West Coast Cure” has a similar enough name that the two often pop up in the same places. West Coast Cure is on our list of top ten most frequently counterfeited vape brands.

There is also The Clear Concentrates. This brand has an up-front site with a directory of dispensary locations.

There is also Golden Coast Extracts, a Canadian brand.

And finally Gold Coast Terpenes.

None of the above have any connection to Gold Coast Clear vape cartridges. There’s so many cannabis extract brands out there now that you need a library and a research team to keep track of them all.

It is a solvent-free vape cartridges is made using only hand cured extracts, and comes in an exotic design. Also, These unique vape cartridges come in a white powdery texture, clear in color, and can be vaped as well as smoked.

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