OG Eddie Lepp Rosin


OG Eddie Lepp Rosin

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OG Eddie Lepp Rosin

OG Eddie Lepp Rosin. MPX blend of Yellow Brick Road, (Ghost Train Haze by Zkittles and Og Eddy Lepp), with a Grow Healthy standard White 99. Yellow Brick Road is a very rare MPX blend. Pine Trees & Gas, Pine Trees & Sour Lemon Lime Candy MPX Cold-Cured Live Rosin. 5gram containing 500mg cannabinoids. Inhaling 5mg twice daily equals 10mg.

The most popular way to smoke rosin is in a dab rig. However, it can also be smoked in a glass bowl, joint, or vape pen made for concentrates. A little goes a long way, so remember to smoke responsibly. Start with a small dose and work your way up.

Want to give it a try? We have a variety of rosin products. Check out our full menu for flower, edibles, and more. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us online.

OG Eddie Lepp Rosin
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So, it’s clear that rosin is the tastiest form of cannabis extract, but that’s not the only benefit. Learning how to smoke rosin is also better for your health.

Since rosin is solvent-free, it’s much better for your lungs than any other hashes or waxes. You’re not inhaling the solvents, just the pure plant extract.

The next question is how to use rosin to get the full effect. Rosin is so much more potent than marijuana bud that it would be a shame to waste the THC. That’s why the best way to smoke rosin is vaporization with a high-quality dab rig.

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1 JAR (2grams), 2 jars (4grams), 5 jars (10grams), 10 jars (20grams)


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