Slapz Rosin


Slapz Rosin

Slapz Rosin. Live resin is butane hash oil. It’s made using the solvent butane, so it’s never solvent-free. It’s considered “live” because it’s made from fresh bud or trim.

The plant matter is frozen immediately after harvest and before it’s processed. Freezing it keeps the terpenes and cannabinoids from breaking down, so live resin is known for having fresh flavors. However, it’s also prone to having a chemical aftertaste because of the solvents.


Slapz Rosin

Slapz Rosin. It’s only natural to wonder, “What is rosin?” Basically, live rosin wax is a concentrated version of weed that’s made without any solvents.

It’s a tastier version of bubble hash, and it looks like a thick, crumbly toffee instead of translucent glass, which sets it apart from traditional shatter dabs.

The difference between rosin and live rosin refers to the type of flower used during the extraction process. Rosin uses dried flower, kief, or hash. On the other hand, live rosin is extracted from fresh or frozen flower that’s never been cured or dried. Concentrate connoisseurs claim the fresh cannabis retains the highest-quality terpene profile and delivers a clean smoking experience. Visually, live rosin has an opaque, waxy appearance, while rosin is translucent and sap-like.

Slapz Rosin

Final Thoughts. Dabs offers an intense hit of cannabis with a large concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. This not only means a stronger high but also a larger concentration of the cannabinoids that are vital for medical marijuana treatment.

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