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Weed Seeds for sale. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, the timing, as always, depends on the strain. Some varieties, like indicas, grow relatively fast, with short flowering periods of 6–7 weeks. Other strains, such as Hazes, take double the time to flower.

If you want to harvest in the quickest time possible, plant fast-flowering varieties or feminized autoflowers. Some of these are ready only 60 days after germination. 

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Weed Seeds for sale

Weed Seeds for sale. What Are the Highest Yielding Feminized Seeds? The highest yielding feminized seeds are Blue Dream and Runtz Muffin as they can yield as much as 850g and 1000g a plant when grown outdoors

Feminized seeds offer many advantages over regular seeds, especially for commercial growers who want to produce a crop with a specific ratio of female to male plants. While regular seeds can produce a crop with a wide range of female-to-male plants, feminized seeds are far more predictable and reliable.

Weed Seeds for sale
Weed Seeds for sale

Fast Version seeds are those which have a shorter flowering period, usually a week or two shorter (compared to the original strain). This type of strain comes from a cross between feminized, elite light-dependent strains and an autoflowering plant.

Blimburn Seeds Godfather OG info:
  • Type: Feminised cannabis seeds.
  • Genetics: Alien OG x OG Kush.
  • Genotype: Indica dominant.
  • Indoor flowering: 8-10 weeks.
  • Outdoor harvest: Early October.
  • THC content: 26-30%
  • Indoor yield: High (550-600g per m2)
  • Outdoor yield: High (450g per plant)

What is the downside to feminized seeds?

Unpredictable Hermaphroditism: Although rare, feminized seeds have a higher risk of developing hermaphroditic traits, which can lead to reduced yield and lower quality buds. Risk of Genetic Weakness: Feminized seeds can also have a higher risk of developing genetic weaknesses due to their limited genetic diversity.
Are feminized seeds better than Autoflowers?
Regarding buds, feminized strains (specially indicas) feature greater density and produce more resin around the flowers than autoflowering ones. This means more intense flavors and aromas, BUY Weed Seeds for sale online.
How long do feminised seeds last?
If exposed to sunlight and heat fluctuations, they break down after six months. They survive for a year in an opaque material at room temperature.
The figure rises to 2-3 years when the space is cold, dry, and dark. You can further prolong seed shelf life by leaving them in an opaque jar in the fridge.
Strains are often bred for maximum potency and aroma. Seeds are 99.9% feminized, so plants will almost always develop into females. No need to check sex of plants, and no need to discard male plants. Feminized strains are usually photoperiod strains, meaning they’re light cycle-dependent.
Highly productive and low on maintenance, Number One SuperAuto from Flash Auto Seeds perfectly balances power and performance. A real hard grafter, this feminized force crosses Stitch 0.1, White Widow and Nepal. Resulting (quite literally) in the birth of a green giant blessed with high yielding abilities.
what is the strongest autoflower?
Gorilla Cookies is the strongest autoflower in the world, in our opinion. As mentioned above, these autoflowering seeds have up to 27% THC and give a strong body high that makes you feel relaxed and ready to chill.

The Gelato 33 strain is a versatile plant that can be grown indoors in a grow tent or outdoors. This marijuana strain thrives in humid Mediterranean climates and does best when the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Weed Seeds for sale.

The Gelato strain can yield up to 18 ounces per plant, which is above average, especially considering the compact buds of these balanced hybrid plants. The flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks, and the cannabis strain comes with dark green or purple nugs, Weed Seeds for sale.

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Godfather OG, London Pound Cake, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Girls Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, Ice Cream Cake, Chemdawg, Gorilla Glue, AK 47, Granddaddy Purple, Cheese Strain, Trainwreck, Lemon Diesel, Black Jack, Jack Herer, Biscotti, Velvette Runtz, White Runtz, Pink Runtz, Apple Fritter, Bonkers, Peanut Butter Breath, Pink Roosay, Gelato, Strawberry Banana, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue 4, Garry Payton, Oreoz, Cereal Milk, Mac 1, Sherbert, White Widow, Purple Punch, Kush Mints, GMO Cookies, Northern Lights, TK41, White Truffle, Gelato #41, Green Crack, Slurricane, Strawberry Cough, Chery pie, Amnesia Haze, Sundae Driver, Cookies And Cream, Bubbah Kush, Bubble Gum


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