Cantaloupe Haze Rosin


Cantaloupe Haze Rosin

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Cantaloupe Haze Rosin

Cantaloupe Haze Rosin. What is live rosin? Live rosin is one of the hottest and most flavorful extracts on the market. It’s no wonder it’s taken the solventless extraction game by storm. Made from flower, hash, or kief, live R undergoes a solventless extraction process using only heat and pressure to squeeze out the plant’s active compounds and produce a refined product ready for consumption.

How to Store Live Rosin

Like most wee products, rosin should be stored in an airtight container in a dark, dry, and cool space. Ideally, you’ll want to store your rosin in an opaque container to protect its cannabinoids and terpenes from heat and light exposure.

It is the new frontier of solventless-based extracts. In a world where consumers are looking for healthier and flavorful alternatives to the solvent-based concentrates, live rosin meets the demands of novice and seasoned consumers.

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Cantaloupe Haze Rosin


It is made using an industrial rosin press which applies enough force and heat on the hash to remove its resin. Before applying pressure directly to the frozen hash, processors must turn their frozen buds into ice wax. Pressing live flower buds can boil off the extra water weight and ruin the product.

Producers of this product place their frozen buds inside a set of five or more micron filter bubble bags. They’re layered in a large container such as a plastic garbage can. The micron filter bags are arranged in increasingly smaller micron sizes for optimum hash separation.

Inside, makers of this product place ice and water and agitate the buds to remove the frozen trichomes. The resin falls down to the bottom of each bag.  After the agitation process, rosin producers end up with a decent collection of resin that must be freeze-dried before being pressed.

The resin is placed in a small micron bag and gradually pressed at high temperatures (up to 210º F). The end result is one of the best concentrates on the market.


It can be consumed just like any other weed concentrate, although, some delivery methods are better than others. Here’s how you can enjoy your rosin:


Dabbing is one of the best ways to reap the psychoactive effects and flavor from your live  extract. Using a dab rig (glass or electronic), a blow torch, a dabber, and your rosin, you can light up the nail, place your dab inside, and inhale just like you would from a water pipe/bong.

Start off by heating your dab rig using your blow torch or your e-nail to your desired temperature. Low temperatures between 500 and 600º Fahrenheit are best to retain the product’s full flavor.


Vaping is another fun way to enjoy this product. It is similar to dabbing in that you are heating and inhaling the active compounds, but vaping can be consumed with a disposable vape cartridge, a vape pen, or even an e-nectar collector which requires no loading the rosin into the heating chamber.


Smoking it can give you the added high you’ve been looking for when paired with your favorite dry herb strain. Unfortunately, combusting the extract using the high and direct heat of a lighter can degrade much of the extract’s aromatic and flavorful terpenes.

Potency. As you decide between these two cannabis concentrates, it’s important to focus on their relative potency. Generally, resins are more potent than rosins since their production is a bit more complex and exacting. Solvent extraction produces a maximum amount of THC with every batch.

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